Weezie and Reenie get Un-Flabulous

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My salad looks incredible, if I do say so myself. Looks like I actually spent time cooking chicken and grilling corn when it really just came from a pre-packaged bowl from the store. I invested in a nice salad bowl, small bowl for fruits and snacks, mini plate and cutlery for work, let’s face it, the plates and stuff in the rec kitchen are hella crusty… but i digress.They have a great selection of kitchen things at world market cost plus and one of the few places where you can buy thing individually instead of 4 packs of everything. I got a bunch of stuff for under $20. I use this set for work not only to teach myself portion control, but so that my food looks more appetizing and not just out of plastic bags and to go containers. Some people aren’t that picky, but to me, it helps. 

Ready Pac Bistro Santa Fe Salad with romaine lettuce, cheese, corn, tortilla strips and zesty dressing for 8pts.

Booyah. Feels like winning.

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Weight watchers breakfast:
This week I meal prepped and I forgot how comforting it is to get it out of the way and rest easy for the week.

1 English muffin - 3pts
2 slices Canadian bacon- 2pts
1 egg white- 0pts
1/2 slice deli fresh pepper jack cheese-1pt
1 cup fresh strawberries-0pts

Total 6pts.
It’s Monday and I’m feeling good

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Nothing like a healthy breakfast!

Egg Beaters, Clementines, Blackberries, Herbal Tea sweetened with honey and a splash of milk

Weight Watchers value: 5 points